Author: Joshua Levy

  • My Firsthand Experience with the 2021 Polar Vortex

    We want to provide our children with the necessities of food, clothing, and shelter. So, what happens when one or more of those needs is threatened by a traumatic event such as a weather catastrophe? Beginning on Thursday February 11, 2021 such a catastrophic weather-related event was unleashed upon me and my family, and upon […]

  • Conquering the Grocery Store

    Like a tea kettle screeching or fingernails scratching along a chalkboard, your child’s screaming during a meltdown at the grocery store probably tops your list of the most horrendous sounds. Check out these tips for a calmer sounding experience. Discuss and practice with your child the behavior you would like them to exhibit. For example, […]

  • The Creative Outlet Method Book of Creativity: At-Home Activities for Children with Special Needs

    Throughout my nine-year career as a special education teacher and assistant principal, I experienced children with special needs demonstrating aggressive and challenging behaviors including hitting, biting, punching, throwing furniture, damaging property, using profanity, leaving school grounds, making sudden verbal outbursts, and screaming excessively. While many of the children had a Behavior Intervention Plan included in […]

  • 10 Meaningful Weekend Activities to Do with Your Child

    Are you grasping at straws thinking of meaningful weekend activities? Check out my list of 10 Meaningful Weekend Activities to Do with Your Child. 1 – Celebrate Creativity Conduct fun, enriching, and creative activities with your child and their friends! Check-out my book The Creative Outlet Method Book of Creativity: At-Home Activities for Children with […]

  • Seeing is Believing: Visual Aids Show Your Child What You Expect

    Are you implementing positive behavior supports to encourage desired behaviors from your child, but he/she still demonstrates challenging behaviors? You may want to consider creating and using visual aids. Many children are visual learners. Even children who are not visual learners benefit from visual aids because they are visually reminded of what is expected of […]

  • Know Thyself: Self-Awareness is a Key Ingredient for Your Child’s Success

    If you look in the mirror and ask yourself, “I don’t like what I am doing, but why do I keep doing it anyway?” you are likely walking along a personal path to self-awareness. Increasing your self-awareness is an essential ingredient to building your child’s positive behaviors that can be achieved by following my RAE […]

  • Catch ‘Em Being Good: The Power of Positive Behavior Supports

    “Don’t hit!” “Don’t shout!” Don’t run away from me!” Are you stuck in the Don’t Do This, Don’t Do That cycle? We are the adults and we expect our children to listen to us. So why do certain behaviors we expect to decrease seem to increase in spite of our best verbal directions? We’re drawing […]