Are you grasping at straws thinking of meaningful weekend activities? Check out my list of 10 Meaningful Weekend Activities to Do with Your Child.

1 – Celebrate Creativity

Conduct fun, enriching, and creative activities with your child and their friends! Check-out my book The Creative Outlet Method Book of Creativity: At-Home Activities for Children with Special Needs. I teach you how to implement The Creative Outlet Method while conducting over 30 fabulous theater arts and improvisational activities. Have Fun – I wrote it just for you!

2 – Support Your Community

Giving back to your community with your child can be a rewarding experience for you, your child, and the organizations you support. Volunteering at your favorite local charity is an inspiring experience.

3 – Grocery Shopping

A trip to the grocery store with your child can be a positive experience if your plan includes an organized shopping list, practice self-awareness, and utilize positive behavior supports. Prepare your child in advance for what you plan to purchase by reviewing the shopping list.

4 – Library or Bookstore

Grow your child’s book collection with a trip to the library or bookstore. Set the expectation for the number of books your child can have before you head out. Like the grocery store a trip to the library of bookstore can be a positive experience if you practice self-awareness and utilize positive behavior supports.

5 – Reading Time

You and your child select your child’s favorite book, or books, and you can read to your child. If your child is old enough to read on their own, set aside about 30 minutes, or a time that makes sense for your child, so that you can each read a book on your own. Talk to each other about what you are reading when the time is up.

6 – Movie Time/TV Time

After a great day you may want to unwind at night with a movie or a TV show both you and your child can enjoy together. Prepare you and your child’s favorite snacks. A plan by selecting the movie or show in advance provides you the opportunity to build excitement with your child prior to the grand evening.

7 – Video Games

Ask your child what video games they are playing and determine which one you would like to try. Invite your child to teach you how to play the game of your choice. Be careful, your child will probably win. Playing video games together will encourage your child to look forward to spending time with you.

8 – Baking and Cooking

The smell of a home cooked meal and fresh baked goods are pleasing aromas for pretty much everyone. Encouraging your child to independently perform the steps in the recipe build confidence and provides a sense of empowerment. Be sure to enjoy the meal and baked goods together while praising your child for how good everything tastes.

9 – Physical Activity

Get fit together! Walking, hiking, biking, running, roller skating, and doing yoga are all great activities to increase you and your child’s fitness level. In addition to enhancing your overall health you can talk about your surroundings including unique birds, flowers, weather patterns, and more.

10 – Chores

Chores are a wonderful opportunity to teach your child independent daily living skills while spending time together. Encouraging your child to perform chores independently increases their confidence and instills a feeling of empowerment. Besides, you get a clean house!

Joshua Levy is the President of Joshua Levy Educational Consulting. Joshua works with parents, educators, and children’s museums who are seeking to strengthen their relationships with individuals with special needs. Joshua is also the Founder/Executive Director of Joshua’s Stage – an enrichment program for individuals with a wide range of special needs, featuring: after-school programs; camps; workshops, and individual enrichment programs in theatre arts, improv, arts and crafts, music, dance, photography, and create-a-story. Joshua’s innovative The Creative Outlet Method includes strategies for providing children with the opportunity to demonstrate their creativity, increase their self-confidence, and build their social skills. Joshua’s book, The Creative Outlet Method Book of Creativity: At-Home Activities for Children with Special Needs is a fabulous resource for parents, educators, and therapists. Contact Joshua at

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