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Special needs children will benefit from the innovative approaches included in The Creative Outlet Method and experience creative energy from the comfort of home. The book also offers:

The Creative Outlet Method is an indispensable resource for the parents and caregivers of special needs children, special education teachers, administrators, and therapists. It’s also a must-read for K-12 general educators looking for ways to better engage with their special needs students.

The Creative Outlet Method is an amazing assortment of activities to make group participation (and skill-building!) fun and exciting for all children, including those who need structure and guidance to successfully interact with friends and peers. Step-by-step instructions, lists of needed items, and supplemental materials are included, making it super easy for families and caregivers to create successful performances at home or anywhere!”

—KATHY BRILL, MEd, MPS, Co-Founder of Parent to Parent USA, disability advocate, and consultant

You can find The Creative Outlet Method: At-Home Activities for Children with Special Needs at:

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